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Fantastic news from the Entrance bowling club on the Central Coast with our Terrific 2's winning the state pennant flag in a nail biting final against St Johns Park.

In the early running St Johns displayed exactly why they are one of the premier clubs in the sport as they drew away to an early 10 shot lead. Through the middle stages our girls showed amazing nerve as they whittled away the St Johns lead to draw level. 


With the momentum appearing to turn our way the St Johns girls responded as they secured eight shots over four consecutive ends to have the match in their grasp with only 10 ends remaining.

With the dream of a grade 2 state pennant teetering on the edge our girls put their heads down a delivered a series of solid ends to square up with St Johns then edge two shots clear with one end remaining.

Under immense pressure our girls held their nerve with Emma drawing the shot with her final bowl to ensure the victory.

All eight girls were outstanding throughout the event.

In Glenda's rink Joy Scott was as solid as a rock, her great bowls were complimented by her happy disposition which was a calming influence to the team. Sue Pope never faltered as she regular placed her bowls around the jack and in perfect position. Alison was as ever reliable as we have come to expect, Ali complimented her team mates and rarely left too much for Glenda to do. In saying that Glenda skipped like a champion, aside from her excellent performance with the many great bowls she played Glenda's head reading, shot selection, and leadership was among the best i have witnessed.

In Emma's rink Felicity White starred, In virtually every game Felicity provided the team with a strong foundation allowing her team mates to relax and work their way into the game. Margie Phillistin knocked up drawing shots regularly drawing on top of the jack to secure countless ends. Joy Clarke displayed exactly why she is so well respected in the wider bowls community, Joy controlled all aspects of her role brilliantly with her performance in the final against Charlestown probably the standout from any player throughout the event, her manner with her skip, Emma, was outstanding and proved critical to the eventual outcome. Emma emerged as a champion with the highlight being her ability to handle the big pressure situations, her kind nature was also very calming on the whole team and along with Glenda our two skips showed amazing leadership.

Our grade 4's have also done us amazingly proud as they came up just short of winning the runners up flag. Our girls got of to a slow start in their final game against St Johns Park then flew home to hold game on the last end. With the deficit at three shots Leanne's team held four shots only for the opposing skip to convert the head to win the game and the state pennant title.

Congratulations must go to Sue Pope and her match committee on a brilliant performance this season. A big thank you also to all our emergencies and supporters that came to follow the team. A special thanks to Mandy Miller also for all her help with the live streaming, how lucky are we to have members like this.

Our focus now switches to our grade 6 men who head off to Nelson Bay this week. After the success of last week i am quietly confident that these boys will be there when the whips are cracking on Sunday.

Michael Wilks

Bowls Development Officer

Updated 13/8/18


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