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Summary of Board Meetings April & May 2018

At the Board of Directors meetings held in April and May 2018 the Board resolved to:
1. Adopt the following amended Clubhouse dress code policy:
NOT permitted in the Clubhouse at any time:
1. Bare Feet
2. Revealing or insufficient clothing
3. Untidy, torn or tattered clothing (unless the clothing is in line with modern fashion trends and is not provocative nor offensive)
4. Offensive clothing
5. Soiled clothing or footware
6. Headwear (unless the headwear is for special functions, medical or religious reasons)
7. Motorcycle club colours
NOT permitted in the Clubhouse after 9.00pm:
1. Rubber Thongs
2. High vis/tradie work attire
3. Singlets (unless the clothing is in line with modern fashion trends and it is not provocative nor offensive)
4. Football shorts
Please note – Caps/hats, singlets and rubber thongs are permitted in the TAB Sports Bar until close
2. Green 3 to also be made available to From Little Things Parkland Inc. for additional garden and approval be given for a chicken coup to be placed on Green 4, provided this is secure and compliant with BVSC regulations. Plant a hedge or similar along the eastern side of Green 3 to screen off the garden.
3. Approve ClubGrants sponsorship for Merimbula Junior Rugby League Bulldogs, Merimbula Fun Run, Merimbula Tennis Club Seniors’ Tennis Tournament, St Vincent Winter Blanket Appeal, and to round up the funds raised by the MIWBC for the Tathra Rural Fire Brigade at the Mavis Meadowcroft Charity Bowls day to $2,500.
4. Following the success of the Club Chaplaincy trial at a variety of Licensed Clubs throughout NSW, to appoint Jeremy Fernando as an honorary Chaplain for Club Sapphire.
5. Seek quotations for the repainting of the external parts of Club Sapphire.
6. Investigate the merits of installing additional solar panels in the Club’s car park on a carport style structure.
7. Hold the MIBC Ltd Annual General Meeting on Sunday 18/11/2018.
8. Appoint Garret Barry Planning Services to prepare a draft Planning Proposal, for presentation to BVSC, relating to the possible hotel on Club land.
9. Appoint Paynter Dixon to undertake a thorough review of the cost of servicing and constructing a hotel on the current location of green 3 and the old maintenance shed.
10. Note legal advice confirming the Club can act as a developer of its land on condition that any proposal for Capital Works exceeding $1 million is to be approved by members at a general meeting.
11. Seek quotations for the renovation or demolition of the house situated on Club land at 95 Main St.
12. Submit a grant application for the purchase of a stand by generator for the Club’s role as an emergency evacuation centre.
13. Request Planning Committee to investigate options to secure and prevent unauthorized entry through the northern entrances/gates.
14. Approve 46 new and transferring memberships:
• Social 46
• Bowls 0
The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 20 June 2018.

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
31 May 2018

Summary of Board Meetings February & March 2018

At the Board of Directors meetings held in February and March 2018 the Board resolved:
1. In consultation with MIWBC and MIMBC to undertake a review of the 2014 Internal Bowls Clubs Autonomy Agreement and to amend it where required to reflect current practice.
2. To adopt the Building committee recommendations for initial works to improve comfort on and around the new greens in winter;
a. Install heaters on the bowls viewing deck
b. Request the proposed block safety wall on the eastern side of Green 1 (adjacent to the supermarket site) be installed at a minimum height of 1.4m above the road height. To also be constructed in a way that makes it practical to increase height further if required.
c. Install shade cloth to the fence on the western side of Green 2
d. To monitor the impact of the new Woolworths building and other works on prevailing winds.
3. To meet with BVSC to discuss current planning constraints on the possible hotel development on the redundant bowling greens and maintenance shed site.
4. To commission Russell Corporate Advisory to undertake a further Market Demand Study for Hotel accommodation in Merimbula and an initial Market Demand Study to establish the merits of a residential and retirement living development on other vacant club land.
5. To approve the request from MIICBC request to approve Di Symes as a Life Member of the Indoor Carpet Bowls Club.
6. Note that MakMax (the greens roof supplier) will have sub-contractors on site immediately after Easter to carry out rectification works to the gutters to improve their capacity during significant rain events.
7. To thank and congratulate senior staff member Bernie Collins for his role as a volunteer firefighter during the Tathra Bushfires
8. To meet with representives of Edwards Constructions to negotiate a solution to possible BCA non-compliant works from the 2008 renovation.
9. To approve proposed changes to the MIMBC Constitution relating to the splitting of the roles of Treasurer and Secretary, and other related items
10. Approve ClubGrants sponsorship for the Sapphire Coast Turf Club, the South Coast AFL Buccaneers Charity dayand the Merimbula & Districts Arts Group.
11. To approve a total of $40,000 be donated to the Tathra Bushfire Appeal:
a. $17,500 to the BVSC Mayoral Appeal
b. $20,000 to the “Band Together- Tathra Bushfire Appeal Concert Fundraiser”
c. $2,500 to assist the Tathra Beach Bowling Club to provide complimentary meals to those effected by the fire and volunteers
12. Approve new and transferring memberships:
• Social 220
• Bowls 2

The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 18 April 2018

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
28 March 2018