Summary of Board Meetings July & August 2016

At the Board of Directors meeting held in July and August 2016, the Board resolved to:
1. Retain the word Rockpool in the name of the renovated alfresco café, for the time being.
2. Approve MIMBC draft By-Laws relating to food and beverage consumption and smoking on or near the new synthetic greens.
3. Approve ClubGRANTS Category 2 sponsorship for the Sapphire Coast Arts and Sports Youth Development Fund, the Merimbula Gift, and the Bemboka Public School.
4. Approve 226 new and transferring memberships:
• Social 216
• Bowls 7
• Gym Junior 3
The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 21 September 2016.

Damien Foley
Chief Executive