Summary of Board Meeting July 2017

At the Board of Directors meeting held in July 2017 the Board resolved to:
1. In accordance with Article 55 of the Constitution, invite member Bill Dejong to fill a casual vacancy on the Board, created by the sad passing of Terry Killen, until the conclusion of 2017 AGM.
2. Approve proposed new constitution and by-laws for MIWBC, as recommended by the MIWBC Management Committee.
3. Request the Executive Committee undertake a review of MIBC Ltd. By-Laws and make recommendations to the Board on any changes required to ensure the rules are consistent with requirements for usage of the new bowling facilities.
4. Authorise the Building Committee to proceed with extending paving to cover the worn section of grass on the southern end of green 2, construction of a small children’s playground adjacent to the BBQ and picnic table area, replacement of the worn grassed area in Rockpool Courtyard with a garden, and extension of the new fencing to separate access to the proposed vegetable garden on redundant green no 4, from the new synthetic greens.
5. Approve ClubGrants Category 2 sponsorship for the Sapphire Coast Arts & Sports Youth Development Foundation.
6. Appoint directors Ian Martin, Ricky Holt and Christine Keens to a board committee to assist with the planning and organisation of the Australian Bowling Championships.
7. Approve 144 new and transferring memberships:
• Social 139
• Bowls 5
The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 21 August 2017

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
28 July 2017