Summary of Board Meeting August 2017

At the Board of Directors meeting held on 22 August 2017 the Board resolved to:

1. Approve the 2017 MIBC Ltd Financial Accounts, Directors Report and Directors Declaration, Notice of Meeting for AGM, and Annual Report.

2. In accordance with Article 55 of the Constitution, appoint member Bill Dejong to fill the casual vacancy on the Board and to also appoint Mr. Dejong to the Board’s Strategic Planning & Risk Management Committee and Members’ Disciplinary Committee

3. Accept a fee proposal from Paynter Dixon Developments to carry out further investigation work relating to the feasibility of constructing a hotel on Club land and identification of potential parties interested in commercial developments on the Club’s vacant land.

4. Write to MIWBC and MIMBC to request both clubs maintain and update a list of volunteers who hold current food handling certificates and to provide a copy of this list to the Board annually. Only those members on this list are permitted to serve food at internal club events, and only after prior approval has been given on each occasion by the company, as per company policy.

5. Approve amendments to the MIWBC Constitution, as recommended by the MIWBC Management Committee.

6. Confirm that in the shorter term all or part of the redundant greens 3 and 4 will be made available for a commercial vegetable garden for local community group From Little Things Parklands, and/or additional space for the Club’s gym operators.

7. After calling for tenders and considering those received, the Board appointed trade maintenance contracts for the 2017/19 period to the successful tenderers.

8. Approve amendments to MIBC Ltd. By-Laws 4.2,4.4 and 4.5 and adopt new By-Laws 4.6,4.7, and 4.8. relating to Club Sapphire’s sporting facilities.

9. Approve ClubGrants Category 2 sponsorship for Merimbula Jazz Festival, Merimbula Knights Cricket Club, Merimbula Grasshoppers Football Club, and the Merimbula Classic.

10. Approve 127 new and transferring memberships:

· Social 126

· Bowls 1

The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 20 September 2017

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
24 August 2017