Summary of Board Meeting June 2015

At the Board of Directors meeting held in June 2015, the Board:

1. Resolved to hold a Pre-Nomination Information meeting for potential candidates for Board elections prior to nominations being called for the next election.
2. Resolved to approve MIMBC request to expend more than $5,000 on costs related to sending Grade 2 and 7 Pennant teams to State Finals.
3. Confirmed the Board's previous decision to sign the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which contains the negotiated terms between BVSC, Merimbula Nominees and the Club relating to the construction of a service road through vacant club land to the rear of the proposed supermarket site adjacent to the Club.
4. Received a presentation from Paynter Dixon updating the Board on progress with the Club's draft Masterplan.
5. Approved CLUBgrants Category One donations for 2015 for 28 Not-for–Profit Community groups or charities totalling $38,000.
6. Approved CLUBgrants Category Two donations for Merimbula grasshoppers Soccer club and the South Coast Area Schools Lawn Bowls Team and complimentary room hire for 22 not-for-profit community groups.
7. Resolved to purchase a Carpet Extraction Cleaning Machine at a cost of $2,300.
8. Resolved to hold a Members Spring Dinner on 4 September 2015 featuring a Seafood Buffet.
9. Approved 50 new and transferring memberships comprising: Social 49, Gym Junior 1

The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 17 July 2015.

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
19 June 2015

Summary of Board Meetings April & May 2015

At the Board of Directors meetings held in April and May 2015, the Board:

1. Resolved to discuss the concepts of Social members being able to fill up to two of the seven ordinary directors positions and re-introducing the three year cap on consecutive years served by a Board Chairman, at a members Information meeting to be held July.
2. Set membership fees for 2015/16 at $110 for Bowling, $25 for three year Social and $12 for one year Social.
3. After 14 months of successful financial autonomy of MIMBC and MIWBC, as highlighted by the significant surpluses and bank balances of both clubs, the Board resolved the need for the payment of 25% of bowling membership fees to the clubs was no longer required and would therefore cease from 1 July 2015.
4. To introduce a new process for Board consideration of CLUBgrants Category Two sponsorship requests whereby applications will be considered in March and September each year instead of monthly. All applications will now need to be submitted on standard application forms to ensure continued fairness and equity in distribution of these funds.
5. Approved CLUBgrants Category Two donations for, Merimbula Tennis Club, Vinnie's Winter Blanket Appeal, Sapphire Coast Rock 'n' Roll Festival, Merimbula Scouts, Merimbula/Pambula Junior Rugby League, RSL Zone 21 Bowls, and complimentary room hire for 18 not-for-profit community groups.
6. Resolved to appoint consultants to review the clubs F&B facilities and offerings.
7. Resolved to store bowls jacks outside the clubhouse adjacent to the greens instead of inside in the change box.
8. Approved 130 new and transferring memberships comprising: • Social 122, Bowls 2, Gym Junior 6 

The next regular monthly Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 12 June 2015. 

Damien Foley
Chief Executive
27 May 2015

New Chairman Elected

At the Board Meeting of 18 February 2015 the Board elected Ron Christie to the position of Chairman and Peter Moore to Deputy Chairman.