Summary of Board Meeting August & September 2013


At the Board of Directors monthly meetings held in August and September 2013 it was resolved to:

1.Undertake minor improvements to the Rockpool Café kitchen work space, cool room, freezer and dry store facilities, etc. (approx. $45,000).    

2.Continue to discuss the pros and cons of a potential amalgamation between MIBC Ltd and Merimbula RSL Ltd, with the Board of the Merimbula RSL Club.

3.Conduct the 2013 MIBC Ltd AGM on Sunday 17 November 2013 at 10.00am. 

4.Arrange for MIBC Ltd. directors to undertake an approved OLGR Responsible Service of Alcohol course as recommended by ClubsNSW.

5.Install one Club Sapphire logo adjacent to the large “home of Merimbula Imlay Bowling Club” sign at rear of the Club so to reduce confusion for function and wedding guests etc. having their first visit to the Club.

6.Convert the grass on green number 2 to tifdwarf and repair part of the existing sub-base of the northern end of this green so to create more consistent drainage. 

7.Approve utilisation of part of the proceeds from the Sunday raffle for bowls advertising in the Merimbula cinema and a contribution toward the 2013 pennant travel expenses, as recommended by the Liaison Committee.

8.Amend the roll up fee policy to…“a fee of $2 per head applies to all non-members of Club Sapphire Merimbula for roll ups”.     

9.Remind MIMBC and MIWBC management committees that meal costs, other than for breakfast, are not included as reimbursable expenses for pennant travel.

10.When an opportunity arises in the future, to consider the merits of amending the MIBC Ltd Constitution to introduce a new discounted membership category for retired bowlers, as suggested at the 2013 Mid-Year General Meeting of MIBC Ltd. 

11.Approve complimentary finger food and happy hour drinks prices (20% discount inclusive of member discount) for the 2013 MIMBC AGM.

12.Approve CLUBgrants Category Two donations to: Wallagoot Lake Boat Club, Lions Club Fairway Charity Golf Day, Bega Valley Genealogy Society, Typhoons Softball Club and complimentary room hire for 30 different not-for-profit community groups.                                                         

13.Approve 412 new and transferring memberships comprising:

i.Gym Junior 8

ii.Bowls 12

iii.Social 392

The next Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 16 September 2013 


Damien Foley

Chief Executive

26 September 2013

Summary of Board Meeting June & July 2013


At the Board of Directors monthly meeting held in June and July 2013 it was resolved to:

1.Approve the draft Operational and Capital Expenditure budgets for 2013/14 as recommended by the Finance Committee.

2.Approve the recommendation of the Building Committee to demolish the derelict residential dwelling on 97 Main Street and to remove the security fence.                                                        

3.Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Merimbula RSL in relation to their public notice calling for EOI’s from potential amalgamation partners.  

4.To not proceed to install synthetic/carpet bowling greens over the existing grass greens at this stage (as discussed at the recent general meeting). This decision will be reconsidered in the future once the Masterplan of MIBC Ltd’s land assets has been finalised.  This decision does not alter the Board’s intention to incorporate a bowling facility similar to that offered by Mooloolaba Bowling Club (i.e. two X eight rink needle punch carpet greens covered by a membrane roof) into the Club’s long term draft Master Plan. 

5.Approve the replacement of the greenkeepers’ utility vehicle.

6.Approve MIWBC’s request for four cars to be compensated for travel costs to Nelson Bay for the State Pennant Play Offs instead of three vehicles as provided under the current MIBC travel allowance policy.  

7.Approve the request of the Liaison Committee to utilise funds from the Sunday Bowlers Raffle for the purchase of six sets of coloured bowls for “come and try” bowlers, and for the Board to match this expenditure so to increase the purchase to a total of 12 sets of coloured bowls.

8.Approve MIMBC’s request for the introduction of a jackpot on Tuesday Social Bowls, on the basis the cost of this initiative is provided through a reduction in existing prize levels or through an increase in Green Fees.

9.Amend the current policy of charging a $5 fee to non-MIBC Bowling members for each jack utilised for roll ups, to $5 for each player (applies to non-MIBC Bowling members only) rolling up. 

10.Approve proposed amendments to MIMBC’s Constitution and By-Laws.

11.Upgrade the auditorium screen and projector.

12.Approve MIBC Ltd’s 2013 CLUBgrants Category One donations to 35 local charities and/or community organisations totalling $40,000.

13.Approve CLUBgrants Category Two donations to Merimbula/Pambula Junior Rugby League, Merimbula Special Events Committee, Bega Rifle Club, Heath Beaumont, Merimbula Sailboard Club, Merimbula Netball Association, Variety Children’s Charity, Merimbula Rock ‘n’ Rodders Dance Festival, George Bass Surf Boat Marathon, Cystic Fibrosis Great Escape Car Rally, and free room hire for 30 different not-for-profit community groups.                                                         

14.Approve 320 new and transferring memberships comprising:

i.Gym Junior 3

ii.Bowls 16

iii.Bowls Junior 2

iv.Social 299

The next Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 21 August 2013 


Damien Foley

Chief Executive

Summary of Board Meeting May 2013


At the Board of Directors monthly meeting held in May 2013 it was resolved to:

1.Continue to maintain four bowling greens until completion of the August Mens Triples, with the Board to review the ongoing arrangements at that stage.  Wherever possible, usage of Greens 1 and 3 to be minimized in the period to August 2013. 

2.Invite the Club’s three Workability employees and their parent/carer and a representative of Workability to attend the ClubsNSW Clubs in the Community awards night in Sydney with MIBC’s representatives.

3.Install an additional satellite dish and associated infrastructure to receive broadcast of live shows through the new “Clubslive” entertainment network.

4.Modify Board’s investment policy to include the local branch of the Bendigo Bank as an option for future term deposits up to $250,000.

5.Approve changes to the Merimbula-Imlay Indoor Carpet Bowls Club (MIICBC) Constitution to facilitate a new member category for MIICBC Life Members.

6.Approve Category 2 CLUBgrants donations for the Merimbula Knights Cricket Club, Merimbula-Pambula Bulldogs Rugby League Football Club, and to waive room hire costs for functions held by 22 not-for-profit organisations.

7.Change the regular date for monthly Board meetings to the third Wednesday of each month. 

8.Approve 55 new and transferring memberships comprising:

i.Bowling 2

ii.Social 53


Next Board meeting is scheduled to be held on 21 June 2013 


Damien Foley

Chief Executive

11 June 2013