Smoke free environment


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Club Sapphire to provide a workplace that is free from risk of injury or illness to all persons including risks to health from exposure to side-stream smoke (or passive smoking where a person is exposed to hazardous by-products of tobacco smoke.

 Aims and Objectives

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed places, and in areas where another person may be exposed to tobacco smoke, regardless of whether or not the other person also smokes. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas, and these are located so as not to allow tobacco smoke to contaminate any place where other persons may be present.


Club Sapphire will identify areas where smoking is allowed, and smoking will be prohibited in all other areas.  

Smokers are to ensure that they smoke only in designated areas, and endeavour to keep smoking areas clean and tidy by using ashtrays and waste receptacles provided for them at all times.

Quit smoking

The Club will provide access to Quit programs for employees wishing to quit smoking.