The Dirty Ragtimers

Dirty RagtimersPresented by the Down South Jazz Club, The Dirty Ragtimers will be performing at Club Sapphire on Thursday 19th April. Tickets $15 for Jazz Club members and $20 for Non Jazz Club members. For bookings and enquiries phone 6495 9853.

On Thursday 19th April the Down South Jazz Club presents a very special night of entertainment at Club Sapphire with Parisian band "The Dirty Ragtimers" comprising Australian singer and violinist Heather Stewart with Parisian guitarist and singer Lucas Montagnier. They will be very ably backed by Australian bassist Leigh Barker.

After recently relocating to Paris, Australian jazz and blues musician Heather Stewart jammed with musician Lucas Montagnier. They played all night to a rapt audience and have worked together ever since. After the first song at their first busking session, the duo were approached for a residency at Montmartre's Chez Camille and they are busy building concerts and fans all over Paris. Heather and Lucas share a passion for stunning old blues, jazz, folk, ragtime and spirituals. They sound like string and jug bands with great vocals, harmonies, finger-picking guitar and crying violin, but with a new and unique style from two experienced professional musicians. From the venues and streets of Paris, The Dirty Ragtimers are collecting fans from all over and are a band to watch. They have an original sound drenched in history. They write arrangements and stylistic originals, and bring the 1920s and 30s roaring to life.

Bassist, composer and bandleader Leigh Barker was born and raised in Canberra, where he spent his formative years studying with American bassist Eric Ajaye at the Canberra School of Music. His move to Melbourne in 2003 provided much professional experience, with Leigh proving to be a popular accompanist for the cream of the contemporary and traditional jazz scenes. Leigh has been adapting the early blues material and combining it with jazz and compositions from the other band members, to create a mix of jazz, swing and blues that is unique. He has appeared for the Down South Jazz Club on a number of occasions over the last ten years, firstly with The Leigh Barker Quartet in 2007, in 2011 and 2014 with Hot Jazz Alliance and in 2012 with The New Sheiks, which also featured The Dirty Ragtimers vocalist Heather Stewart.

This will be a wonderful night for the Down South Jazz Club and a rare opportunity for members and guests to see and hear an International band without having to travel to a major city with the accompanying exhorbitant prices; definitely an evening not to miss. Cost is $15 for jazz club members and $20 for visitors. Seats and table bookings can be made by ringing Aileen or Kevin on 64959853, by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or will be available at the door. The Club Sapphire bistro opens at 6.00 pm with its extensive menu, and music will commence at 7.30. Meals can either be eaten in the Bistro, or ordered and eaten at leisure while listening to the music.