For the Kids

For the Kids

Let the kids be entertained by these amazing characters and their wonderful balloon creations.


Sunday 17th - Jingles the Elf 6pm-8pm

Tuesday 26th - Mermaid Marina 5pm-7pm

Wednesday 27th - Pirate Penny Balloon Buccaneer 5pm-7pm

Thursday 28th - Oops! The Clown 5pm-7pm


Friday 29th - Princess Anna 5pm-7pm

Saturday 30th- Fairy Fern 5pm-7pm

Sunday 31st - Superwoman 5pm-7pm


Monday 1st -  Mermaid Marina 5pm-7pm.

Tuesday 2nd -  Pirate Penny Balloon Buccaneer 5pm-7pm

Wednesday 3rd: Oops! The Clown 5pm-7pm

Thursday 4th: Princess Anna 5pm - 7pm

Friday 5th: Fairy Fern 5pm - 7pm

Sat 6: Pirate Penny Balloon Buccaneer 5pm - 7pm


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